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A Dream come true!

This is Sharief Jacobs, currently doing his internship at Chefs Warehouse and previously the Office Administrator at Where Rainbows Meet Training and Development Foundation.

A young man from Vrygrond, who lived on the streets with his younger siblings is now pursuing his dreams of becoming a culinary chef.

Coming from humble beginnings is an overstatement as he not only faced insurmountable adversity from a very young age but had to fend for his younger siblings at the same time moving from place to place and halting any dreams and aspirations he had while growing up. Finding his feet came when he and his siblings were taken in by his loving aunt and his breakthrough came when he became part of the youth group at the organization called GFC (Generation For Change). Where Rainbows Meet saw his potential and encouraged him to do more with his potential and enrolled him into capacity building programs and courses to enhance is skills and knowledge.

He made himself at home at the organization, always wanting to help out, lending a hand in the office, completing his computer and life skills training at Where Rainbows Meet. The organization gave him an opportunity to volunteer at the organization while supporting his aunt with a proper housing structure as recipients of the “Adopt A Family” project.

He showed a huge amount of creativity and shared his love for art and crafts working with the kids in the aftercare, with wonderful organization skills he became part of the office staff assisting with the filing and eventually appointed as a permanent member of the staff compliment as the Office Administrator. He also utilized his free time positively and decided to go back to school, which was at night and finished his Grade 11 and continued learning taking advantage of every opportunity the organization has granted that led up to this day.

Now on a 4-year internship at the Chefs Warehouse living out his dream to become a culinary chef.

Many young people in South Africa face the same social ills that Sharief has faced, but not many of them make it out of the vicious cycle of abandonment, abuse and violence. It’s up to all of us to make a difference in someone’s life, so they become the change in this world and not add to the already growing problem and crisis we in with our youth. Where Rainbows Meet is a hub for the disadvantaged, those who needs a second chance in life and the bridge between unemployed and becoming employed.

Together We Can Make A Bigger Difference #YouthMonth

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