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Township Tour

Where Rainbows Meet would like to invite you to our community to show you around Vryground! You will be guided by one of our local staff members, seeing Vryground and talking to the people of the community where you will also get the opportunity to enjoy a local meal and shop local handmade products.

Program Overview
  • *Pick up 

  • Short tour of Where Rainbows Meet organization

  • Driving tour through Lavender Hill (Lavender Hill is one of the informal settlements where many of the former district six were removed to during apartheid)

  • Lavender Hill and Hillview

  • Driving tour through Overcome Heights

  • Local home

  • Dump yard of the area

  • Walking tour in Vrygrond

  • Local shops in Vrygrond

  • Lunch (optional)

Vrygrond, Cape Town, South Africa

*Pick up: Please contact us if you would like us to arrange your transport to Vrygrond. Please note that we charge an extra fee for this. The price depends on your wished pickup-spot.

Participation Fee

Children age 6 to 16 years pays - R250 ZAR
Ages 16 and older pay - R600 ZAR during the week and R800 over weekends (For groups of more than 5 people discounts can be arranged)

Please bring in cash

Why buy our tour?

-  The goal of our tour is to give you a more authentic, personal and less commercial experience than you may get from a similar tour from a tourist company. We don't only want to show the area, but also let to meet and talk to the people behind it. 

- You get the chance to see and learn about the other side of Cape Town. We think that it's important that people who visit Cape Town also see the informal settlements (townships) as it shows the reality of how many South Africans still live as a result of apartheid.

- The money you pay for the tour will go to the non profit organization of Where Rainbows Meet, which's main goal is to improve the same community you will be seeing. All stops on your tour will also be given a donation as a thank of supporting this project.


Even though we are not able to guaranty anything, we would never bring tourists or any other people in to an area if we weren't completely sure that they would be safe. We have involvement of community leaders in this project which have a huge influence on the safety of tourists.

Date and time

You can choose the date and time whenever you are comfortable with in our opening hours,

Mon-Fri 10:00 am ~ 4:00 pm
Number of tour participants: 2-10 people

How to book

Click here to contact us or send e-mail ( with your name, the number of participants, date and time. Mention on the e-mail if you need us to pick you up. You will receive confirmation e-mail within a few days.

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