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Contact for donations:

Mrs. Mymoena Scholtz, director

Tel: +27 (0) 21 205 3496
Cell: +27 (0) 73 261 8864



Where Rainbows Meet Training & Development Foundation is a non-profit public benefit entity under the administration of an executive committee.


The Constitution is held by the Director of Non Profit Entities Registration No: 063 – 830

The foundation is:

Registered with the South African Revenue Services Registration No: 930029165

Registered as a service provider for the department of social development

Registered as a vender for government 19399

Registered as B-BBEE

Up to 10%


That's the percentage of tax deduction you get on your total taxable income when donating to us!

Our Bank Details

Bank Details (South Africa)

Bank Account No: 072627530
STANDARD BANK, Branch Claremont
Branch code: 051001
Swift-code for international donations: SBZAZAJJ
(PLEASE NOTE: if you want to make a donation from overseas you must go to the bank directly. There are special departments for international affairs. Electronic transfer does not work.)


What is my impact?

Donate any amount you can: every single penny will serve our mission. Here is all you need to know to become a superhero!

€1 ≈ ZAR 20

$1 = ZAR 18.55

£1 ≈ ZAR 23,3

Source: "Cost of Living in Cape Town", Numbeo, 2023

- Water (1.5L bottle) = ZAR 16.07

- Loaf of Fresh Bread (500g) = ZAR 17.53

- Rice (1kg) = ZAR 28.08

- Maize (1kg) = ZAR 38.86 --> 20kg of maize are used every day to prepare the children's porridge

- Eggs (12) = ZAR 33.98

- Diapers (100) = ZAR 593

- 1 pair of Jeans = ZAR 792.20

- 1 pair of shoes = ZAR 700-2,500

- Gasoline (1L) = ZAR 24.06

- Basic (Electricity, Heating, Cooling, Water, Garbage) for 85m2 Apartment = ZAR 1,373.33 (monthly)

- Internet (60 Mbps or more, Unlimited Data, Cable/ADSL) = ZAR 788.08 (monthly)

- Average Monthly Net Salary (After Tax) = ZAR 23,655.22

Where does my money go?

This is a legitimate question. That is why here at Where Rainbows Meet, we want to be completely transparent with all the ones willing to help us make our dream a reality. For this reason, we want to show you proof that no benefit is made out of your donations, and that your money goes very directly into projects that contribute to poverty alleviation and to providing better lives for the inhabitants of Vrygrond. 

Our Revenue (2023)

Your donations are the main financial resource that is keeping the organisation running. Your support is therefore very needed and extremely helpful. 

- Total revenues: ZAR 2,477,602

- Donations: ZAR 2,444,741 (98.7% of total revenue)

- Other income: ZAR 32,861 (1.3% of total revenue)

Our Operating Expenses (2023)

Your donations go directly into our youth, women and nutritional programs, as well as into the material and human resources needed to run our workshops, our computer trainings, and all the hard work we are doing to achieve our mission. 


- Total expenses: ZAR 2,708,339

- Salaries and stipends: ZAR 1,310,546 (48.4% of total expenses)

- Food and refreshments: ZAR 793,302 (29.3% of total expenses)

- Electricity, water and gas: ZAR 158,960 (5.9% of total expenses)

- Transport costs: ZAR 142,401 (5.3% of total expenses)

- Administration: ZAR 122,270 (4.5% of total expenses)

- Awareness costs: ZAR 65,416 (2.4% of total expenses)

- Development programmes: ZAR 51,090 (1.9% of total expenses)

- Community training matters: ZAR 30,600 (1.1% of total expenses)

- Depreciation, amortisation and impairments: ZAR 11,524 (0.4% of total expenses)

- Bank charges: ZAR 11,033 (0.4% of total expenses)

- Repairs and maintenance: ZAR 5,495 (0.2% of total expenses)

- Accounting / review: ZAR 3,000 (0.1% of total expenses)

- Small value assets: ZAR 2,702 (0.1% of total expenses)

- Office expenses: -

- Training and Development costs: - 


help support us directly... 

‘Adopt’ a child for Christmas 2022! We’ve run this campaign since 2014, which sees a pack of essentials being gifted to thousands of children in Cape Town – hygienic materials, clothing, educational materials, a meal and toys are gifted.  Join using with your donation, which can be made here using Paypal or a standard bank transaction:

Our Top Donors & Sponsors

We are very happy that many companies and private donors are willing to support our work. Together, we can make a bigger difference! These are the wonderful organisations and people that help us and the community of Vrygrond.

A special thanks to each and every one that has helped the organisation grow. International volunteers from all over the world, South African citizens as well as the volunteers from Vrygrond and from the surroundings left their footprints at WHERE RAINBOWS MEET!

We are very proud to have Lind Invest from Denmark as one of our long term funders and continues to support the organization  for another year through their financial support.


All our Donors, Sponsors, and Partners

Private persons:

  • Andrea Wendt 

  • Bea Law

  • Benjamin Schunke

  • Bridget & Annette Berlyn

  • Chahir Greich

  • Christiann Seig (Germany)

  • Corinne Forbes

  • Curves Lakeside

  • Di Slingsby’s Sewing Group & their friends

  • Freye Stennett

  • Gavin Smith

  • Gill Atkins & his friends

  • Giorgia Fornari

  • Gutterding Family & Friends, especially Kerstin Strubreiter and Iris Gutterding

  • Heinz Seig (Germany)

  • Ladles of Love

  • Leigh Taberer

  • Marina Da Gama Residents

  • SA Harvest

  • Scholtz Family

Corporate and Contract Partners

Trusts and foundations:


  • Rotary Club of Kromboom (pictured)

  • World's Women Prayer Day (Germany)

  • Apexhi Trust

  • Dansk Folkehja

  • Mutual & Federal Community Trust

  • Wings of Support

  • WHEAT Trust

  • Pick N Pay Capricorn Park

  • Pick N Pay Plumstead, Plastic for Africa Prime

  • Premium Consumables T/A Inkjet Specialist cc

  • Fasteners

  • R & L Architects Interiors

  • Rondebosch

  • Rosey

  • Rotary Danmar

  • Simba (Pty) Ltd.

  • Shell S.A

  • Sonnendal

  • Spur Advertising (Pty) Ltd.


  • Truda Snack (Pty) Ltd.

  • Upholstery Works, Diep River

  • Vodafone (Germany)

  • With Attitude Steenberg

  • Wege Zur Einen

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