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About Vrygrond

Founded in 2008, Where Rainbows Meet Training & Development Foundation is based in Vrygrond, a multi-cultural community of nearly 40,000 and the oldest informal settlement (1900) in Western Cape.  Vrygrond is situated near the coastal suburb of Muizenberg, about 20 km from central Cape Town.


More than half (59.2%) of the population in Vrygrond and surrounding communities have been victims of crime. In addition, many of the men, women, and children of Vrygrond and surrounding communities have experienced robbery, hijacking, deliberate damage to property and sexual assault/rape. Not only are the streets unsafe, the children, youths, and adults are also confronted with violence at home, (15.4%) and are in contact with alcohol (43.9%) or drug use (29.9%).

Surveys show that the three key factors leading to crime and violence within the families include the high unemployment rate (well over 50%), parental substance abuse (19.5%), and financial difficulties (13.8%).  These factors mainly arise from the lack of education, information, resources, and support.

Where Rainbows Meet Training & Development Foundation’s target areas have historically been informal settlements of Vrygrond, Overcome Hights, and Hillview in the South Peninsula of Cape Town.  However, due to the expansion of infrastructures and resources, large-scale awareness events, and word of mouth advertising, more and more students and organisations from surrounding communities such as Steenberg, Lavender Hill, Retreat, Westlake, Grassy Park, Phumlani and Sakkies Drop have requested education/training and other information and support. 

Our mission is to economically and socially empower the women, men, and youth of informal settlement communities through skills & development training - come join us! 
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