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Founded in 2008, we are a non-profit organization devoted to community and business development.  Through programs, initiatives, and awareness events, we aim to improve the chances of people from the community and therefore offer people from the community the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience within the organisation.  Our team consists of permanent employees, South African volunteers and international volunteers.  We are very grateful for these volunteers who donate their time, energy, knowledge, and expertise to the organisation.  

International volunteers support us in our work, for example by fund raising, teaching computer or English lessons, or work with the children in the ECD. Many of the volunteers do not stop when they return home - they continue to support us and spread the colors of the Rainbow nation throughout the world!

Our vision

Our vision is to create a future where every individual in Vrygrond and its surrounding communities can live their lives in dignity and security.

We have been in Vrygrond Since 2008 With a Pioneering spirit and approach. Now our non-profit organisation works in Vrygrond and surrounding communities: thanks to donors and volunteers. Our mission is to improve the quality of life where we work. 

Our Mission

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Overview of our Programmes

Our activities provide the different groups of the community of Vrygrond, Cape Town, with information, education and support (e.g. via events, courses, programmes, individual assistance, etc.).  In our programmes, people are encouraged to take responsibility of their own lives, their families, and the situation in the community. They are also equipped with enhanced working skills in order to decrease unemployment, which in turn will lower drug abuse, domestic violence, child neglect and other social-ills.

We also offer opportunities to become involved in many other activities of the organisation like the annual events, to supplement development and training. For students that show interest and potential in becoming a volunteer of the organisation, courses are available to help achieve this. Our organisation also supports new initiatives, through mentoring, infrastructural support and also by providing resources and equipment for leaders to run their programmes (for instance soccer balls, sewing materials etc).

Our Complete Program List:


Selwyn Early Child Development centre (E.C.D.)

  • Day care programme

  • Aftercare programme

  • Parental courses

  • Life Skills

  • Spiritual dance


Youth Development

  • Generation For Change dance group

  • Rainbow Chiefs soccer team

  • Life skills

  • In schools programmes

  • Out of school programmes


Women’s / income generating programmes

  • Siyazenzela sewing & beadwork project

  • Sibanye gardening project

  • Nutritional program


Training and Development Program

  • Life skills

  • English courses

  • Computer training

  • Business courses


Health Centre

  • Free medical appointments

  • Youth Hygiene Classes

  • Support groups + ARVS follow ups

  • Rape and drug counselling for women

  • Feeding Scheme

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