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    Ms. Lungiswa Constance Sontiya, age 53, has lived in her shack in Phumlani for the past 15 years, and is suffering from various health issues. She has four children, but is currently only living with her youngest daughter, who’s eight years old and also sick.  Due to Ms. Sontiya’s illness, she has lost weight and is no condition to work.  Unfortunately, what remains of her home is not suitable for her or her daughter to live in, let alone get healthy in.  There is no light or air flow in the house and because of these hazardous conditions, Ms. Sontiya is forced to stay outside her home so she can breath clean air in order to combat her illness.  She has no family support, which is why a neighbor brought her to the attention of Where Rainbows Meet. 

    As an organization we would love to help Ms. Sontiya and her daughter. Our Christmas wish for this family is to rebuild her shack. This will allow both the mother and daughter to have a viable home where they can both get healthy again. But most importantly, this will show the family and the community that people care about them, and hopefully give people the hope to keep living. Please help Where Rainbows Meet uplift these families by supporting our “adopt a family” program.

    With this program, we aim to help as many families in the townships as possible. The place where these people are living is inhumane and it’s an issue that needs to be addressed. We want to help provide for these families, whether it’s helping them get nutritious food, or rebuilding their homes. To specifically sponsor a family long-term and get updates on their condition, email us at and we can directly partner with you and a family in need.  

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