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In 2011, Where Rainbows Meet took over a gardening project next to the compound which was founded and later abandoned by another organization. With the help of our sponsor Totalgaz, we set up the garden.


Now, cabbage, lettuce and many other vegetables are growing. The vegetables go to the Nutriton Program of Where Rainbows Meet, to feed the children and the community people of Vrygrond. We also sell vegetables to the community of Vrygrond.

For the participants, the gardening project is a nice way to spend the day and to put some food on the table. ‘Mama’ Nokuzola Minyela is already participating for more than six years in this garden. Every morning after she has done her housework and all the children she looks after are at school, she comes to the garden project at Where Rainbows Meet. “Gardening keeps me fit,” the 65-year old lady smiles.

Our team of international voluteers gave all their attention to our garden during Mandela Day 2016, on July 18th. They painted the tyres with rainbow colours to give some life in this area and they made new signs for the vegetables cultivated in the garden! They also decided to paint the red container in which clothes are stocked.

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