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Life Skills

In 8 week cycles, we offer weekly interactive, team-building workshops to supplement Computer Training.

Computer Training

Four times a week, Morning, Afternoon classes meet to cover basic of computers, Microsoft Office, typing, internet, email other hardware and software fundamentals. 


Four times a year, we offer 3-week foundations-of-business workshops for prospective entrepreneurs and others interested in business.

English (NEW!)

Starting in Winter 2016, we offer weekly English classes covering grammar, punctuation, pronounciation, and reading comprehension.

About out Training & Development Program 

Our computer facility is one of the biggest centres in Vrygrond and surrounding areas, and has support systems in place to accommodate those that have difficulty communicating in English.  As we service a community with a multi-cultural heritage, and which contains different age groups, it is a stimulating challenge. Young and old have different educational and employment experience, most learners have never worked on a computer before and some of them have never had the opportunity to attend any basic computer courses. We have come across many slow learners as well as fast learners, most of them have to fight against the odds and often need to be kept motivated though because it is always a great challenge for them to master the computer.

Additionally, social problems within their homes and families made it very hard for them to finish a started course. On 20 computers, 40 unemployed youths and adults living in Vrygrond and surrounding areas get daily free computer skills during a 8 week time period. We provide a computer training curriculum including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, email, and other internet skills.


Additionally, the Life Skills course provides them with the needed work-place skills such as time management, stress and conflict resolution, as well as how to write a CV.  In January 2012 we started our first evening computer class for employed people.

After every Computer and Life Skills course we organise a graduation where computer certificates are handed over to the successful students and their achievements are publicly highlighted to their families and the community.


For most people, the Computer & Life Skills courses are the first step to getting involved in community development and work place preparation. Besides the goal of developing Computer & Life Skills, the students also get the opportunity to get more involved in the work and programmes of the organisation. Some of our former students are now part of the various income generating projects, support the community on a volunteer basis, or have successfully found full-time employment.

To register for a class, or for general inquiries, please contact:

Fatiema Abrahams, Marketer,

Kyle Luke Cupido,

021 205 3496

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