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In March 2012, the soup kitchen, which was original founded and sponsored by the Department of Social Development, became officially part of our organisation.  Because of the support of different private sponsors we were able to expand the reach of the Nutrition Program up to 1,000 meals per week by feeding community residents, our local income-generating project volunteers, and the children of the ECD.

There is pap in the morning, a sandwich at eleven o'clock, a hot meal for lunch, and bread and fruit at the end of the afternoon.  The pap is served to all the community people (as long as there is pap in the pot), hot meals are only given to the ECD children, people joining our programmes and vulnerable community people such as the elderly and the chronically ill.

We also support "Overcome Heights" soup kitchen with food and equipment.  At the moment Overcome Heights is able to provide 100 meals mainly for school children twice a week.  One of our plans in 2012 was to extend the service to the community by being able to run Overcome Heights on a daily basis. The aim of the Nutrition Program is to alleviate hunger in the community and encourage a healthy lifestyle.  In the future, we aim to develop it into an income generating project for the participants.

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