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The future of our community lies in the hands of our youth!


Our children and youth are at high risk of becoming involved in criminal activities, because of drugs and alcohol abuse and the the prevalence of crime and violence surrounding them. The target group of our youth development programmes is these youngsters, with the objective of keeping them away from the streets by showing them alternative opportunities to better their lives. We seek to identify the potential and passion in our students through a self-enhancement and empowerment process.

Our social workers and Life-Skills facilitators assess the social cases of our youth and children.  Where possible, we work with their parents/guardian and refer to Social Services where further assistance is needed.  We assess the learners according to a process of understanding their level of education, circumstances and passion.  We then match them to a suitable group and link them to training programmes that are appropriate to meet their specific needs.

Our "In Schools" courses and programmes ensures that the youth is prepared for the demands of higher education and are able to function within the school system and society, to lead successful and fulfilled lives.


The "Out of Schools" courses and programmes are created to help the youth, who have not completed school. If there is the desire, the drop-outs can undertake development and training to become youth leaders, to be able to run their own group or find a job. We continue to offer guidance and ongoing support while we keep track of their success and motivate them to overcome any obstacles they might face.

The YEP Inititaive

In the winter of 2016, The Youth Empowerment Program (YEP) Initiative was created.  YEP is the manifestation of a long-term vision to reduce youth unemployment in Vrygrond and the surrounding informal settlements via a hands-on workshop-based learning for drop out youths.  In the coming months, we will begin construction on a state-of-the-art Youth Center facility, equipped with high speed internet, computers, recreational equipment and other learning materials. The primary aim of this on-site Youth Center is to provide a safe, nurturing, and educational alternative to gangs, drugs, and other negative paths available to dropout youths in Vrygrond.


Supplementing the Youth Center will be a host of off-site vocational training programs (auto body, carpentry, welding, etc.) taught by accredited instructors.  These one-year training programs will provide a pathway for drop out students to apprenticeships, technical colleges, and ultimately full-time employment.

Our five step vision to better Vrygrond through YEP

Conception & Development

Acquire & Deploy Resources

Student Enrollment



About the Need for YEP

From research, and interviews we estimate for Vrygrond:

  • Unemployment rate: 83%

  • Unemployment or underemployment rate: 90%

  • Direct experience with crime: 70%

  • Youth dropout rate: 72% dropout

Hear from Them

To YEP investors, donors, and other contributors, thank you for your ongoing support.  You generosity will help empower hundreds, possibly thousands, of youths to better futures for themselves and their families!

Generation For Change

The Generation for Change Programme is a pillar of our organisation.  Through this programme, we try to attract and inspire young people of the communities with different kinds of artistic skills, mainly dance, poetry, and drama.

Taking part in a dance competition, successfully performing live on stage, and developing artistic skills are important moments for the young people of the GFC.  These achievements improve their self-confidence and self-esteem, and allow themselves to start thinking of themselves in a more positive way.

Rainbow Chiefs Soccer Club

The Rainbow Chiefs Soccer Club is an amazing outlet and activity for the boys.  Soccer is a popular sport that helps teach important life skills such as leadership, teamwork, cooperation, respect and so much more.  In addition, soccer has the power to unite people and cultures across the world.  

We train five teams: U11, U13, U15, U17 and seniors (18+). Since 2010, the Rainbow Chiefs Soccer Club has been registered by SAFA and is part of organized league games.  One of our long term goals is to create a semi-professional Rainbow Chiefs soccer team that could provide a means and opportunity for the youth to make a decent, respectable living through the sport they love.

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