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Child Protection Week 2019

Designing a program to raise awareness about children's rights, safety and security.

Our topic for the Selwyn ECD Learning centre (which is the creche at the organization) for child protection week are our five senses with the emphasis put on “touch” yesterday.

The morning ring included a discussion with the learners about their rights and safety. What followed in the creative learning session was poster making with teachers and learners with various comments and statements regarding the topic of child protection very clearly displayed. This gave the learners an opportunity to be as creative as possible, using various colours and characters to express their feelings.

The teachers then had smaller group discussions with the learner about what was written on each poster as well as a huge banner which the learners carried to the entrance of the organization along with their parents. The banner had their hand prints on it, which symbolizes “hands off our children”. We ended the program for the day with singing and dancing activities in our music and movement session.

We wish to encourage all parents and children alike to be aware of stranger danger at all times and to keep raising awareness so that we can become a more conscious and educated nation that will prevent abuse, kidnapping and ultimately murder.

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