• Kyle Cupido

Heritage Day 2018

Say heritage!

‘’Show me something about your heritage’’, and the students of Grades five, six and seven were eager to do so. Personality, cultural backgrounds and creativity were all combined together and resulted in beautiful drawings. There can be so much that is part of your heritage. Being proud of the country you were born and raised in, meant to most of the children a drawing of the South African flag. But they were not finished, some of them also thought of the national flower or even the national fish. Thinking about family, religion, music, and food resulted in beautiful houses, churches, traditional clothing, a ‘braai’ or other favorite meals.

To really show everyone about their heritage, the students planted their own roots in the School gardens. The different beds with seedlings, which will grow into strong vegetables, are there to give meaning and life to every single heritage. So, to all of the students, take good care of your roots! The better you nurture and feed it, the stronger it will set foot on this ground. Every single year, you are able to look at your heritage, show it to your family, see it grow, and be proud of it.

In the end, it is about being together, sharing together, and making one big, colored rainbow to celebrate your heritage.

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