• Kyle Cupido

Art and Recycling Project in the community of Vrygrond

Too much garbage and plastic is produced, too little attention is focused on sustainable life and a lot of garbage is accumulated in households in the communities, but this can be useful to beautify the garden!

For this reason, our two German volunteers (Lydia, social work-student 21 and Marla artist/ educational scientist 22) have developed a workshop about sustainability, recycling and art for a group of women in the organization, Where rainbows-meet Training and Development Foundation which took place on Friday, 04 May 2018.

The volunteers collected rubbish together with the women. After that, more than 20 women created their personal, colorful, sustainable art objects. Thus, the objects are made of fabric, plastic bottles, labels, shells, stones, sand and plants. The women were given an opportunity to express themselves in a personal, creative, artistic and environmentally friendly way.

Together, the art objects were placed in the garden of the Foundation and symbolize learning about and from differences, sustainability and environmentally friendly behavior.

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