• Kyle Cupido

Violent protesting over Land in Vrygrond

Violence erupts in Vrygrond once again, all over land claims. People want houses and are protesting over land that they are claim belongs to them. Tyre's were burnt in protest as the communities way of expressing their frustrations as they await for a way forward from government and were given the go ahead from community leaders to occupy vacant land at the nature reserve. It is also a health concern because it is close a dump/waste site, which can cause great health issues. This is the end result of the no response from the government department. They erected shacks and the police removed it again.

Local business had to close, fearing they would be once again looted be out of business, no vehicles could come into the community and like wise leave the community as fire and thick black smoke covered the road and air at all the entrances/exits of the community. Today we were lucky because the police acted very quickly.

Just one of the few challenges we face on a daily basis at the organization and as a community.

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