• Kyle Cupido

Christmas Parties 2017

2017 was our first time ever hosting six Christmas Parties within 3 days. Where Rainbows Meet celebrated the joyous celebratory events in the communities of Vrygrond, Overcome Heights, Lavender Hill, Hill View and Phumlani.

Each community had an enormous amount of children and youth respectively, between the ages of 6 months and 15 years of age, who attended the Christmas Parties. At one point we ran out of gifts and had to return to the stores to get more. The foundation, it’s local and International volunteers raised funds through family and friends in order to bless our children with food, refreshments and gifts.

The children of the communities partook in various activities and programmes which the foundation provided. Such as singing, dancing, motivational talks, raising awareness and games. The gifts were personally delivered by father Christmas (SANTA) himself and this was the most amazing moment for many of our kids, for they have never seen SANTA before and some never even knew he existed. Each one got a chance to sit on SANTA’S lap, receive their gift & party pack and have their picture taken. This was remarkable as well as emotional. The joys and gratitude on their little faces were priceless and warmed our hearts to them smile.

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