• Kyle Cupido


On this day of our last celebratory event of the year we celebrated the start to the festive season, Christmas and The New Year. It was a joyous, celebratory yet emotional evening as we walked the streets of our communities all dressed up as different characters.

Thus doing this as entertainment for our children of the various communities. Singing Christmas carols, dancing and gathering the children and youth of Vrygrond and surrounding areas. Sharing our love, happiness and joys with whomever we can, and then lighting a candle for those who cannot share this special time of the year’s festivities with us and their families.

Where Rainbows Meet raised awareness around the importance of Christmas, Education, family, kindness, happiness and safety. Since this is an absolute need for our children. We also provided entertainment for them such as dancing (Where our older youth does performing arts), dance off competitions amongst the children and youth as well. Prize giving (presents), Singing, and also the meaning of Christmas, educating them on things they did not know or were not certain of.

The Organization provided a snack such as a sandwich, juice, watermelon, a party pack and yoghurt. The kids were overjoyed, overwhelmed and they had lots of fun.

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